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The only proof capable of being given that an object is visible is that people actually see it. The only proof that a sound is audible is that people hear it: and so of the other sources of our experience. In like manner, I apprehend, the sole As it is based on duty operating as a final good, the theory of utilitarianism a moral theory concerned

Mill Utilitarianism

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The main point of the theory of the utilitarianism for a person is a selection of those actions to do that could result in the common benefit and related to the manners to take ethical decisions and to the ability to determine the consequences of personal actions. If these actions lead to the common benefit, such acts are ethically right. In this theory, the main criterion of justice and morality is utility, which was borrowed by utilitarians from Adam Smith The utilitarianism, as the embodiment of the practical liberalism, is closest to an adequate understanding of the processes in the democratic society. That is, the model of the modern welfare state is purely utilitarian.

The Concept of Utilitarian Theory

John Stuart Mill was one of the greatest philosophers of the 19th century. Mill was best renowned for his idea of "Utilitarianism. Mill revised the concept of utility and has brought forth "the Greatest Happiness Principle. These objectors state that the principle of utility is simply unattainable. To what doctrine allows a morality action based on the pain of one or few to provide the greater part happy?.
In: Business and Management. In this paper, I will explain the fascinating ethical theory of Utilitarianism and discuss about two very influential people to Utilitarianism, who are Jeremy Bentham, and John Stuart Mill. Along with discussing their contributes to this theory, I will evaluate their personal perspective on Utilitarianism and determine which is more plausible between the two.

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